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* Hey there! I'm Comic Sams or Sammy and this is my website, Less Than Three! Use the buttons above to travel to my main pages and the dropdown below in the Spacebox to explore my smaller projects.

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6/9/2018 - Aha! I have recently been experimenting with looks for the site and this pixelated rainy theme looks AMAZING! I have decided to make that the main site theme for a while. I'm re-stylizing my links a bit so they look better. Feel free to explore and suggest more things about things to add and stuff to make the site better.
6/7/2018 - At long last, I have added a scrolling box to the front page of my site. Sorry, Teddie, but I kinda copied the code for this box from your site. Anyway, I am really quite surprised as to how many visitors my site has gotten so far. It's been half a year now since the launch of Less Than Three and yet I've only just added a logo! The site will continue to grow and go through huge changes. Have fun exploring!