Sammy's Social Links

What's it called? What is it? How do you find me?
Twitter A popular social network site and the best place to contact me if you need to grab me QUICKLY. Go here.
Discord Free online chat for gamers. I've been on it since Discord video chat was unheard of and its announcement was big news. Check my Discord page thingy for my servers. My tag is Hᴜɴᴛʀᴇss#2689.
HelloPoetry A place where I often post my poetry. A lot of people seem to think that I'm a deep thinker and good poet. Go here.
Steam An online platform for game sale. If you're lucky, you can send me a friend request, get accepted, and watch my Steam Broadcasts. Go here.
DeviantArt I don't really use it. DeviantArt is pretty trash now. Go here.